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Arun Parish

Planning and Licensing Committee


To use local knowledge in the assessment of planning applications and to advise the planning authority (Arun District Council) by providing comment on, objections to, or support for, the application.


Mrs M Harvey, M Harvey, G Matthews, D Peerman, Mrs G Moss & R Geary.

P.English & D.Edwards - Ex-officio


Agendas and Minutes

Date of Meeting



14th January 2014  Planning Agenda 14th January 2014 [pdf] 802KB  Planning Minutes 14th January 2014 [pdf] 59KB
11th February 2014  Planning Agenda 11th February 2014 [pdf] 799KB  Planning Minutes 11th February 2014 [pdf] 40KB
11th March 2014  Planning Agenda 11th March 2014 [pdf] 116KB  Planning Minutes 11th March 2014 [pdf] 363KB
8th April 2014  Planning Agenda 8th April 2014 [pdf] 110KB  Planning Minutes 8th April 2014 [pdf] 384KB
13th May 2014  Planning Agenda 13th May 2014 [pdf] 169KB  Planning Minutes 13th May 2014 [pdf] 433KB
10th June 2014  Planning Agenda 10th June 2014 [pdf] 112KB  Planning Minutes 10th June 2014 [pdf] 336KB
8th July 2014  Planning Agenda 8th July 2014 [pdf] 169KB  Planning Minutes 8th July 2014 [pdf] 339KB
12th August 2014  Planning Agenda 12th August 2014 [pdf] 170KB  Planning Minutes 12th August 2014 [pdf] 340KB
9th September 2014  Planning Agenda 9th September 2014 [pdf] 169KB  Planning Minutes 9th September 2014 [pdf] 395KB
14th October 2014  Planning Agenda 14th October 2014 [pdf] 173KB  Planning Minutes 14th October 2014 [pdf] 434KB
11th November 2014  Planning Agenda 11th November 2014 [pdf] 169KB  Planning Minutes 11th November 2014 [pdf] 355KB
9th December 2014  Planning Agenda 9th December 2014 [pdf] 165KB  Planning Minutes 9th December 2014 [pdf] 350KB
13th January 2015    
10th February 2015    
10th March 2015    
14th April 2015    



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